Customer Testimonials

I found OiC online and did my research, only later to find that Krista and I had mutual friends and those friends able to vouch for her work ethic. Her online presence and reputation proved to be true, all I can say is Wow! This property sure did sell quickly! I am sure this is because the efforts of Krista’s lovely staging of the home, making it easier to show off the homes potential! On our scheduled day, even if it was late in the evening, she always made sure to communicate with me. Thank you Krista for making sure my wishes to sell “as is” were honored! This really was a satisfaction guaranteed experience!

Renee O’sting

Krista turned my nightmare into something so easy for me that I can never repay her. As a trustee of a messy complicated estate it was my duty to liquidate the house. The house was a total wreck. Krista gave me many options and information so that I could make an informed decision. The house sold for what I had hoped for in a very short time. All I had to do was sign my name. This lady is a go getter done girl and she knows her business. I highly recommend her under any circumstances.

Randy Ryan-Ramos

Working with Krista and Courtney at OiC made the experience of buying a home for my family much easier than I expected. We had what seemed like ever changing needs and Krista never gave up on us. I would highly recommend Krista and OiC Real Estate Services to anyone looking to purchase any type of real estate.

Doug & Cathy

Krista and her team exceeded our expectations during not only our first interaction but continuing through the process of selling our house and even after. Krista came over with cleaning supplies, tape, and boxes. She listened to our extremely stressful situation and she did all she could to alleviate that stress. The personal service she provided was beyond compare. I would absolutely recommend her for your real estate needs. She gives her job and her clients her 110%. So grateful that we had her for this experience. Thank you Krista & Courtney.

Paul & Amanda

Krista was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. She never left any questions unanswered and always was prompt to respond. I would highly recommend her.

Brandon & Soledad

Krista goes above and beyond at what you would expect in a real estate agent. She always seems to go that extra step. Her resources are reliable, top notch and trustworthy. You always get a sense that Krista is genuine in her interaction with you and that she cares. She will only go at the pace that you are comfortable with and will ask you first thing, how fast or slow do you want things to go? Krista will always be the real estate agent that I recommend to anyone who needs one.


When I was a teenager, my British grandmother referred to people who just gave lip-service to their professions as “All talk and no trousers!” When it came time to sell our house in Orcutt, I wanted someone that didn’t just “talk the talk”, but also “walks the walk”!! We chose Krista Murchison, OiC Real Estate Services out of 71 different real estate professional contacts I had collected in my phone over the last 5 years! Her INTEGRITY, dedication to superior performance, to DOING the RIGHT thing and her truly kind, giving heart distinguish her from so many of her local counterparts. In the last 5 years we’ve had many experiences with multiple agents, searching the Central Coast for “the perfect house” and coming close to purchase on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, in the Santa Maria area, we had been disappointed and occasionally appalled by several other so called ‘local industry leaders’ whose behavior we frequently witnessed both on selling and buying sides. Ultimately, we bought in SLO County using a realtor from that area who is also a close friend. But, we had decided (at least 2 years ago) that Krista would eventually be our Orcutt selling agent and last fall, our SLO County buying agent also recommended her as the best choice for selling a house in the Orcutt/Santa Maria area because of her professionalism and honesty. Krista ALWAYS puts her clients first! If she makes a mistake, (rare) she is immediately accountable and corrects it, and although she is refreshingly direct and honest about how an action may impact her personally, she still makes it very clear that her first priority is that her client’s needs are met!! From start to finish in the selling process of our Orcutt house, Krista was incredibly available by phone or text; if she knew she wasn’t going to be, we were informed in advance and she had coverage arranged from Courtney (her assistant) and from competent colleagues. Her flexibility and dedication to meeting our specific security needs on our home was incomparable. This was not without challenges, but Krista rose to the challenge with her characteristic positive attitude and collaborative problem-solving spirit. We knew that Krista had a reputation for excellent marketing skills and we had seen some of her marketing materials over the years, but we had no idea until we sat down with her to discuss the marketing of our house, just how broad her expertise is or how scientifically she approaches each home’s marketing plan! I happened to be involved in selling another comparable property with a partner in another city (with a different agent) at the same time we had our listing with Krista and the difference between marketing approaches, especially making use of social media, was phenomenal. The Orcutt house was consistently viewed more frequently and repeatedly by prospective buyers. Open houses occurred quite often with the Orcutt listing and were well attended. Krista’s marketing is designed to start strong and keep the interest momentum going! During the course of our escrow with Krista, she stood by us and supported us with her years of experience, positive attitude and assertive protectiveness as we dealt with the buyer’s agent’s unscrupulous behavior and multiple frustrating errors by the local escrow office. Her relentless pursuit of positive outcomes no matter what obstacles thrown our way or at what cost to her, was superlative! We could not have had a better realtor and neither could YOU if you are looking to sell (or buy) a home, especially in the Orcutt/Santa Maria area. Krista truly cares and she doesn’t just “talk the talk”; she “walks the walk”!

Sharon IrelandBurke

I have now had the pleasure of working with Krista on 3 real estate transactions over the past 4 years. On every occasion she always put her best efforts out there. She never gave up on me when I was indecisive or picky. She kept going until we found the perfect house for me. She has also helped me through a difficult time when dealing with the sale of my parents home when they passed away. Her compassion and professionalism surpasses any other agent I worked with before. I recommend her over and over again without a doubt.


The OiC team were amazing! My home sold quickly and Krista was able to help with the appraisal. The remaining aspects of selling a home went smoothly. The OiC team kept all other parties on track and enabled escrow to close when I wanted. I subsequently purchased a condo rather quickly and Krista was instrumental at every phase. I recommend OiC to anyone desiring results!


During our over 40 years of marriage we have bought and sold 4 homes. In no other of those instances has the performance of the realtors handling our sales been as satisfying as this sale. From the first contact with Krista when deciding to list the home to the final closing, she as absolutely straightforward in answering our many questions concerning any and all facets of the sale process. I suppose I could go on and on as to Krista's outstanding service to us but I would simply be repeating myself in saying she was totally outstanding in all respects of her service to us.

Emmett & Yasuko

Call Krista Works Hard for Buyers and Sellers. Krista is a dynamo! She is up-to-date on all the houses listed in the Santa Maria market and works very diligently to find the perfect home for her clients. As liaison to the sellers of the house we wanted during the many postponements caused by the buyers of our condo in Southern California, Krista made sure that they allowed us to extend the purchase until we finally completed the deal. Krista's able assistant, Courtney, was johnny-on-the-spot when it came to communicating with us and helping us negotiate the many papers and forms we had to sign along the way. Thanks to Krista and Courtney we now own our dream home, so if you are looking for a real estate agent who is persistent, knowledgeable and energetic, Call Krista!

Candyce & Dan

Krista had shown me property years ago. When it was finally time to list my home, her's was the business card I went looking for! From the initial listing appointment to closing, she was personable and professional. Her marketing and contacts helped sell my house in a short period of time. She is a busy agent, and her assistant Courtney was very helpful also. They make a great team!
The moving process can be stressful, and Krista always understood and listened to my concerns. An opportunity to purchase a new home came up quickly, and Krista was VITAL to that deal closing! Her level of work is impeccable. She was an answer to prayer.


Krista is a kind and thoughtful agent that looks after your interests and goals as though you were family. She and her staff were always accessible though out the process. Krista happily worked around our crazy schedule with our infant in tow. The online and printed presentation of our property played up the key features of the home and community, clearly emphasizing the desirability to prospective buyers. The professional photography made us want to buy our own home all over again it looked so eye catching. Thanks to this skillful execution our property received multiple strong offers and went under contract just days after hitting the market. Our starter home is now sold and we have Krista's expertise to thank for it! We wouldn't hesitate contracting her services again.


Krista is a total pro and everything you hope for in a real estate agent. She really goes the extra mile to make sure you get your property sold and will communicate with you along the way so you always know where you are at in your transaction. Can't recommend her and her team enough!


In a word, OUTSTANDING! Both Krista and her staff were very professional and friendly from the first day our house was placed on the market to the day of closing. Krista has a real feel for what's selling and how to prepare and get a property moving fast. Her sense of time for both the seller and the buyer is excellent. Finally, what I enjoyed most of all about Krista and her staff was they kept me in the loop of what was going on during the entire process.

R. Sanderson

Very pleased with my experience with Krista and her process facilitator Courtney. Both were cheerful, focused, responsive and professional. The house was carefully prepared for sale, multiple offers were quickly generated and the sale was completed smoothly and efficiently. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

D. Kent

We used Krista Murchison to sell our home in Santa Maria this winter and she was outstanding. Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. Krista at OiC Real Estate Services stood out as the best the Central Coast has to offer. Her social media presence was strong, and I could tell she put a lot of work into her listings. We spoke with Krista and then met with her at our home. She spent hours answering our questions, providing objective data regarding how many homes she sells, how long her listings typically stay on the market, and providing tons of info on comps in the area. We were concerned that our house, which was located pretty far from downtown and in a neighborhood with hundreds of similar homes would be tough to sell. Krista made the process incredibly easy and took extra steps many other Realtors don't (but should), like having a pro come and give us staging tips, having professional photographs taken, and a lot more. When we saw our listing we were blown away. Her hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off - our listing looked amazing and knocked out the competition. The second buyer that saw the property put in an offer. Our house went under contract less than 60 days after we put it on the market at 2% under asking price. We accepted and Krista walked us through every step of the closing process. It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. I've recommended Krista Murchison to everyone I know. She is a true professional and a genuinely nice person. I realize it won't always be this easy to sell your home, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better Realtor.

Jebus Tarob

Krista is not only a great agent, but, a wonderful person. We have sold two homes with her and purchased a home with her, both went very well. She is a hands on agent who digs in and assists when it is necessary, she is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.


I met Krista in 2014 for the first time. She was the selling agent on a home we purchased. At the time we had a home we wanted to sell and decided to list with Krista after experiencing how hard she worked for her client. She amazed and impressed us with her commitment to do whatever it took to make us happy. I highly recommend Krista and will never use another realtor.


Krista is organized and canny! We saw 18 homes in one day since I had to travel in to shop for my new home. Her research process is second to none. She showed me exactly what I asked for and somehow knew which home I would fall in love with. I couldn't be happier and recommend her to anyone who requires excellence overall!


Krista was referred to me by a trusted friend to sell my mother's condo. She didn't disappoint us in our expectations. From beginning to end, she was thorough, professional and highly efficient in handling the numerous aspects for a successful sale, always reassuring us when we had concerns. She staged the property to best advantage and took numerous and clear photos. As a result of her exceptional marketing skills, we had two solid offers within two weeks of listing. Without a doubt, Krista works very hard for her clients. I can truly say that she will work for you as if you were her ONLY client.


Well I have sold several houses as I've moved around and had pretty good realtors BUT Krista was the best ever! The unique part about this sale is I had already moved so I couldn't do anything local at the old location. I thought that was going to be tough but Krista and team hired contractors, opened the house for them, moved some of my stuff so they could work and just did all kinds of things outside of their job description AND saved me a ton of money on the repairs by hiring people they work with that gave me amazing rates. The communication was almost instant by text and email and they even worked with the title company since I wasn't there to personally sign papers to make sure everything got Fed Ex'd back and forth in one trip. I would give this team my highest recommendation!

Rob Litzinger

I cannot say enough about how Krista made our dreams come true! She was absolutely amazing from the beginning of our inquiry about buying our first home. Our first meeting with her she was was honest and very educational about the steps we needed to take to get ready for such a big change financially and the responsibilities with being new homeowners. She was there thru all the steps and whenever we had questions she was always only a phone call away. We can't thank her enough for all she has done. I would recommend her over and over again!

Annalisa F.

I contacted Krista Murchison to sell my home last year. She left a card on my door two years prior and I kept it. I contacted her via email, to which she responded quickly to set up a phone conversation within a day. We met appx a week later when she came to the house with a well laid out packet on comps in the neighborhood, the real estate market (prices) in general over the past year, etc. I explained to her that this is the first time I'm selling my home, so I will need some hand holding, I don't like to move, and I am a worry-wort. She walked me through the selling process, asked me detailed questions as to whether I would like to buy or rent and went over my wish list. We discussed the importance of meeting our goals and communication. I told her that I will think about the information she provided and my situation. A couple days later she sent a Thank You card for the opportunity, and backed a way, which I really appreciated. I decided to sell 3 months later and we began the process. This is where I began to see Krista's knowledge of the market, her wealth of knowledge on properties throughout the Central Coast... I think every property we went to she had either sold a house in that neighborhood or new in depth details on the development. Again me being a worry-some person, Krista talked me down from the ledge many times. In a very professional yet caring way. When offers came on the house she reviewed them, explained the selling jargon, and many times opted that the offer was not acceptable... She kept my best interest in her best interest. I decided not to purchase, but rent. Krista, with her wealth of contacts, found me a rental that hit everything that I was looking for in a timely fashion. I was very fortunate to have met Krista and have her sell my home. The knowledge, professionalism, and excellent communication that she possess is at the top of the real estate game, but moreover, Krista is a wonderful person with such kind heart, honesty, positive energy and spirit.