#50 What does a Real Estate Concierge Service look like?

#50 What does a Real Estate Concierge Service look like?

When someone speaks about a Concierge, they are often referring to someone at a hotel or apartment building. This is generally someone who helps with the extra details to make someone’s stay better by taking on and doing tasks on behalf of the tenant or guest.

We have introduced a twist on this concept for our Real Estate Clients as they look to buy or sell homes.  Our company can offer assistance to help to perform tasks for people who either cannot or chose not to do these tasks themselves. We even have a process where if someone is selling a home, we can advance funds for certain repairs and have those repairs paid for at the closing on the home!*

This all came about because I work a lot with families who live out of the area and have family members who need to move closer. Often these family members are elderly or have equity in their homes; however, they do not have the financial means to do some of the work that will make the home receive an offer that nets them the highest amount of money. Some simple assistance of services we can assist with will bring big returns.

We have landscapers to create great curb appeal!

We have movers for short or long moves!

We have house keepers to get into those little corners!

We have window cleaners to help let the sun shine in!

We have hauling services to remove clutter!

We have sorters who can assist with decluttering and organizing.


This is only a sampling of some of the services we have provided to our clients. Our response when a family has a need is how can we make it happen so that the family can move forward efficiently and at the pace where they do not need to take time they do not wish to just because they do not know how or where to turn to!

If you feel we could benefit you, a family member or friend, have them contact us! We offer free no obligation consultations.  We are masters at finding solutions!

Have a great day!