#55-Corona Virus?  Chaos Creates Opportunity!

#55-Corona Virus?  Chaos Creates Opportunity!

Corona Virus?  Chaos Creates Opportunity!

There are so many things happening currently that are ”distractions” to some people, and are “huge opportunities”  for others!

Interest rates are down, stocks are down, and travel expenses are down!  What are we going to do with all of this?  I am being asked is the housing market being impacted by all of the negative reports of the Corona Virus and I am saying that it is actually a really positive result for those who realize that the distraction others are giving this hype can really benefit them.

Remember Y2K in the year 2000 hit and everyone was certain everything would crash and it would have huge impact in our economy. Guess what? None of the huge issues everyone was concerned with happened!

Another time in 2009 the swine flu happened and over thousands of people died in the United States and at that time we hardly heard about it and the stock market actually went UP!!!

Evaluate your LONG TERM goals! Stay smart! Stay Focused! Capitalize on all of the massive opportunities that are being presented!

Sell the home you have out grown either because it is too big, or because it’s too small!  Buy your move up home or Retirement home and capitalize on the low interest rates for your long term goals!

If you are concerned that you cannot find your replacement home, we have unlisted homes we can show you and we have a dream home finder program that can locate a home for you even prior to selling your home!

We do not have any charge or obligation to discuss your options or Goals. Call us and let’s chat!!!