#59- Three Ways Technology can assist you in the Purchasing & Selling of Real Estate

#59- Three Ways Technology can assist you in the Purchasing & Selling of Real Estate

Three ways Technology can assist you in the Purchasing and Selling of Real Estate!


Technology radically impacts how properties are being marketed!

An article published by the National Association of Realtors detailed how Buyers are buying homes without even personally viewing them. They are relying on the pictures they see, the videos they watch and potentially a friend or family member viewing on their behalf to make their decision and guide in their offers to purchase. Having a home on only a few websites decreases the opportunities of the home being seen. Technology and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features increase the amount of views the property receives and increases the homes reach to consumers!


Statistics indicate that 97% of buyers and sellers start their Real Estate Searches online. This begins generally months if not years before decision to move is made.

Customarily the 5 main reasons for moving are 1) Purchasing the first home.  2) Moving into a home that better fits current lifestyle, move up or move down, 3) Relocation potentially to get closer to family, or a job 4) Purchase of the TROPHY HOME

5) Move to a retirement home. A property marketed to the proper type of buyer that fits its’ features the most will give the highest value, impacts the perceived value of the consumer and will net more money. Targeting buyers who can afford the price, who appreciate the lifestyle, and want to move to specific neighborhoods and can qualify to purchase increases the likelihood of reaching a buyer willing to pay what the property is worth because they see the value for themselves and their family.

Much like trying to sell a sports car to a family of 5, no matter what the price, selling a two story home to someone who does not want stairs will not give the highest amount of profit. Technology helps target the correct audience giving everyone the best outcome for everyone.

A third way of embracing technology to sell property is using multi media. Homes that engage buyers to view properties multiple ways increase buyers desire to own the home and increases a seller’s ability to have only serious inquiries! Homes are generally sold on emotion, not logic.

Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most people will make. Being certain to get the absolute highest and best value for your family is important!  Be certain to take the time to see if all three of these technologies are in place if you decide to hire someone to assist you!