Buyer Fatigue- Real Estate Article #84

Buyer Fatigue- Real Estate Article #84

The term Buyer fatigue has become something we are hearing about more and more! In Real estate, we are learning that buyers are getting tired and discouraged in their process of finding and purchasing homes. This coupled with low inventory, higher prices and interest rates going higher, is making for a lot of stress and uncertainty in what should be one of the best times of someone’s life!

The goal of home ownership is something that is often considered a life time goal. Just as going to college, getting a degree, getting married, and having children, buying and owning a home tends to be one of the things people consider as a milestone.

Currently, we hear about housing shortages. We are also hearing how rents are on the rise and rentals are almost as expensive as the amount to purchase. These factors make the dream of homeownership something that becomes discouraging. Another item that is being addressed recently is the cost of student loan debt. Student loan debt is not just for our younger buyers, it impacts parents who assisted with the loans and even others, I have a friend who is in her 50’s that still has a student loan she is paying off.

All that aside, we are assisting getting people into their “perfect” homes. It takes tenacity, patience, and creativity, however, we are making dreams come true and getting everyone to their end goals!  We are turning Buyer fatigue into Homeowner JOY!

If you know someone we can assist, or if you are considering looking for your new “Perfect” Dream home, call us! We are helping people see their home owning DREAMS COME TRUE!