Children and Selling Your Home

Children and Selling Your Home

Children and Selling Your Home

Even with being careful, accidents both adult and child related can happen!

A situation happened with a family when selling their home and a treasured Star Wars Lego ship! In this situation, the young man had carefully built an amazing Lego ship that was very impressive! He proudly displayed it in his room and during a viewing of the home, a younger child saw the ship and in touching it, knocked it off the shelf and it broke apart!

Both the family looking at the home, their realtor and the young man who originally built it were upset. Thankfully he was able to put it back together, however, this situation has encouraged me to have all “SPECIAL” items and toys packed before a home goes on the market.

I had a gentleman who accidentally bumped a side table and a lamp tipped over and broke! Why risk a situation when a little advanced care can alleviate it!

In the pre-marketing of a home, I will often walk through and point out items that may create potential accidents so both the person selling the home does not have to be concerned, and the person looking at the home can see the home and not be overly worried their children may accidentally break something!

Let me know if I can do this for you! I see items in a different way than you!

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