Turn one into TWO!- Real Estate Article #85

Turn one into TWO!- Real Estate Article #85

Recently, I have encountered people who are selling their trophy homes, vacation homes, and second homes. By doing this, they are turning the proceeds from the sales of these properties into other options that better serve their new lifestyles!

One family sold their Amazing Trophy Home! They then used their equity three ways! First they purchased a condo in Hawaii to be closer to their kids. Second was a condo in Florida for the colder months and to save on taxes during their retirement. Then third and finally, they purchased a motor home to travel which had been a long time dream of theirs.

A Second family sold their much larger home to give them options! They wanted the freedom to see their kids yet stay close to friends and enjoy our local nice weather! They purchased a smaller home locally and took advantage of Prop 19 so the taxes on their new home stayed low and this made this process a great option for them! Additionally they also purchased another smaller home close to their kids in Texas.

A third family sold their larger home and is currently looking to purchase properties in three cities. Their intention is to offer them as vacation rentals or rentals for traveling nurses for part of the year and then they will personally use them as they rotate to visit their kids and grandkids.

As people are looking to retire and are still young and want flexibility, so many more options are available! If you have ever wanted to get creative, give me a call! Let’s chat about options for YOU!