Water Conserving Fixtures & California State Law

Water Conserving Fixtures & California State Law

Water conserving fixtures and California State Law.

State law now requires water conserving fixtures be installed.

Because there is some confusion between Santa Barbara County, San Luis County and the State of California, I thought giving some guidelines would be helpful.
First if your home is newer than 1994 chances are it already had water conserving fixtures in place that meet the state requirements. California State requirements are a low flow toilet of 1.6 gallons or less, showerhead of less than 2.5 gallons per minute and faucets with less than 2.2 gallons per minute.

San Luis Obispo has ordinances that add additional requirements. In San Luis County, your toilets must be 1.28 gallons per minute and sinks must have aerators. Some cities also require water pressure regulators with an adjustment of fewer than 80 pounds.

If you currently own a property, there is no enforcement, however, when you go to sell, this is something that will be addresses at point of sale! If you have questions, we have multiple pieces of information we can provide to you for your specific home and location, just send a quick e mail or call!

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