Weekly Article #37

Weekly Article #37

3 Important things to consider before installing Solar on your Home!

People ask me about installing Solar on their home. Sometimes after a discussion, these 3 points have made some people choose NOT to install solar.

Point 1) How much does it cost and how much will you save? If you are purchasing the solar system, consider the amount it costs and how long you think you may stay in your home. Currently you might get a rebate and if you purchase it before 2021 you could also potentially get a tax incentive, then the cost to you could be substantially less, however, if you are only planning on staying in the home for 7 years or less, is it really paying you to make this purchase? Buyers will see value, however, not as much as you may think.

Point 2) Should you purchase or lease solar? Again, consider how long you are going to be in the home. Will the next family have the same usage needs? The people purchasing the home may have the solar payment included as a loan consideration. This can make the sale of the home a little more complicated and If you have a PACE loan, can be even more complicated.

Point 3) What’s the age and type of roof on the home? If you have a composition roof, how old is it and should you replace the roof before installing solar? If you have a tile roof, consider if the paper under the tile will need to be replaced prior to installing solar, doing roof work in advance will save you lots of time and additional cost.

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