Weekly Real Estate Article #34

Weekly Real Estate Article #34

Is it worth it!

Self-storage units are rapidly expanding and many of the people I encounter say they already have one storage unit and are looking to increase the size they have or add a second one! Recently I met with someone who started paying $120 for their unit and now they are up to $160 five years later!

Using some simple math $120 x 60 months (5 years) equals $7,200.00. When we were speaking, I asked her if what was in the storage unit was worth the $7,200.00? Upon reflection and visiting the storage unit, she realized only about 1/3 of the items were important to her! Many boxes were just general items, games old VHS videos, and furniture that she will never reuse! All being stored and most did not hold any sentimental or true value. She determined she could easily eliminate even the need for a unit!

Another person was storing empty boxes in 1/3 of her unit to have the original packing boxes for dishes, computers and even an empty box for a fan!!! Again upon asking the question of is it worth it, she also found she could shrink to a smaller unit!

Storage units are a huge value when positioning to move! I share many ways to make this work in your favor. Let’s talk about ways you can use less space for what is most important! I have tools and resources you will find helpful!

Very best, Krista