Weekly Real Estate Article #35

Weekly Real Estate Article #35

If you are buying a home, have a Home Inspection! If you are selling a home, have a Home Inspection!

It is common when buying a home to have a Home Inspection!  This is completed by a person who is an independent party trained to look for problems with a house and call attention to potential future problems. Some people get concerned about this, however, this is a very good practice for both a buyer or a seller!

When selling a home, sellers are required to inform a buyer of anything known to be wrong with the property. If you are selling, doing a home inspection prior to marketing your home can be a great tool!  A home inspection can point out potential issues before entering into a contract! The nice part about doing this is you could do some advance repairs or provide the report to the buyer in advance so both parties have a good understanding of the home prior to entering a binding contract.  This makes the sale stronger at the beginning.

Another reason to consider doing a home inspection as a seller is choosing who they want for the inspection.  Because there is a huge potential disparity in home Inspectors and no government oversight, having control over that does the report on your home can be beneficial.

Having a 3rd party share their findings and provide a detailed report lets you as an owner truly say you have fully disclosed what you know, and additionally what an inspector found! This gives you added protection against any potential disclosure claim by the buyer!


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