What do a shotgun and a rifle have to do with houses?-#41

What do a shotgun and a rifle have to do with houses?-#41


This is why I often ask if they are taking the shot gun approach or a rifle approach to how they achieve their housing goals. It does not matter if it is their first home, a move up home or a retirement home, the clearer a person and family are, the faster and less stress they will encounter.

Often when speaking to people about their housing goals, I find that many people have not really thought about all the potential needs or goals they hope to achieve when either buying or selling their homes. When an investment that is this important to you and your family is being considered, we want to be very intentional in our approach

If someone is unclear about what they are after, it has the splatter effect of buckshot. When the focus becomes clear, it is like looking down the sights of a rifle directly at the intended target! When this happens, there can be some “Misses” however, as we get closer and closer, our aim gets better and once we get to the correct position, then the target is reached!

Asking yourself some key questions will help you create that focus that eliminates distractions. Why look at a home that has stairs if you do not want stairs? Why look in an area that offers super small yards if you want a yard for a dog?  Just because it fits some of your goals, these distractions actually move your sights away from your primary target!

Let’s get you focused!  I have some really wonderful tools to help you get focused and  get to your goal in an effective and efficient way. Text, Email, or call and request our resource guide to help you get to your goals more efficiently and with less stress!