What does an interview and selling your home have in common?

What does an interview and selling your home have in common?


A FIRST IMPRESSION! Let’s be honest, when you first meet someone, you instantly form an impression on appearance. Sure there are some things that cannot be changed, however, being clean, smelling decent, and how someone takes care of their hair all impacts that first impression.

Let’s consider those same thoughts regarding your home even if it is not for sale. Creating an environment that makes your home approachable pays dividends! Knocking down cobwebs, keeping weeds from popping up and having leaves raked, all give an appearance of pride and care. People often judge the inside before they ever step foot through the door based on the first outside impression.

Next, consider how the home smells. Imagine walking by a person who has way too much cologne on, someone who forgot to put on deodorant, or failed to brush their teeth? As a person living in your home, we can often become accustomed to smells that others may find offense to. For example, I had a dog and did not smell the dog as much as my friend did when she came to my house! People that do not live with animals will notice the scents they carry no matter how clean they are!
Finally, keep bushes and grass tidy. Just like hair, bushes and trees grow. Keeping them shaped and trimmed makes the appearance of being well cared for. This certainly encourages people to want to approach and enter the home!

We have ways to improve a home easily and inexpensively. If you would like time tested ways to earn an extra $10,000 in the value of your home even if you ARE NOT selling, send us a text or email! We can easily and quickly give you valuable guidance!

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